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Workbook Answers – Fourth Class Workbook (Ed. 3)

Calculation Answers: Part A

For the convenience of all Learners, the Workbook Final Answers of calculation type questions will be available online using the LMS (MyPower) User ID & Password found inside the front cover of Unit 1 from the Fourth Class Textbook (Ed. 3) Part A Set.

Final Answers for the Fourth Class Workbook (Ed. 3) Part B calculation problems will be added in the same fashion to the Part B Textbook LMS once all materials are distributed in mid-December 2017.


Full Workbook Solutions: Part A

Access to Full Workbook Solutions for Part A will be made available ONLY to Instructors in an unprintable Flashbook Format. Part B Solutions will be posted to the same location shortly.

In 2018, Instructor Edition PG Sticks will include Full Workbook Solutions.


Instructor Requests Only

All Instructors in our database will receive an email with the list of Part A Workbook - Final Answers shortly. If you don’t receive an attachment with this information by November 24, 2017, please submit a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If an instructor requires access to the Full Workbook Solution site, please send an email request to the same email address.

Update: Instructor Editions

Update: PG STICKS – Fourth Class Textbook Ed. 3 INSTRUCTOR EDITIONS

All pending Part B Instructor Edition Textbook orders will be sent to customers in December 2017. Although we previously offered a split shipment option, most Educational Institutions are unable to receive individual items that were included as part of a Purchase Order submission. Within these restrictions, we can only ship the full Instructor Edition Fourth Class Textbook (Ed. 3) – Part B materials (all UNITS) at the same time.

2017 Instructor Edition orders of Fourth Class Textbook (Ed. 3) did not previously include a print copy of the Preparatory Math Topics book. As all retail online orders and Purchase Orders (from Educators) have been receiving the complimentary copy of this product, we will also provide the same complimentary copy of Preparatory Math Topics with all shipments of Part B – Fourth Class Textbook (Ed. 3) Instructor Edition orders, as long as the order is received prior to December 31, 2017.

Each December shipment of Instructor Edition materials will include:

  • Part B Textbook – 12 Unit books
  • Complimentary Copy of Preparatory Math Topics
  • PG Stick including Part B eBooks, Knowledge Review Solutions and PowerPoint Presentations

If any affected instructors require access to Part B Textbook Units prior to December, we would be happy to add them to the online Flash Book Site that has been set up temporarily to support programs currently requiring Part B topics. Please submit any requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will respond with further details.

PanGlobal remains committed to quality while we manage these final steps of creation, printing and delivery of the Power Engineering Fourth Class (Edition 3) materials.

Special Features of the Fourth Class Edition 3 Textbooks

Using the New Features of your Textbook

The Fourth Class Edition 3 has a number of new features, added to improve learn-ability and guide you to additional learning resources:

  • The Three-Hole Punched Unit Booklet Format allows students and instructors alike to organize their learning materials by content, according to the program delivery structure. Bring only what’s necessary for the classroom. No more lugging around content that isn’t needed immediately!
  • The Self-Test Boxes provide space to perform handwritten calculations, within the context of the textbook examples. Compare the way you solved a problem with the textbook example, and check the numeric answer to see if you’re correct. Understanding a consistent way to solve a problem is just as valuable as getting the right answer.
  • The Notes Pages at the end of each Unit are there for your additional use, including note-taking, making rough sketches or performing calculations. This can be very convenient, especially if you forget to bring a note-pad to class!
  • The Knowledge Exercises are organized by Chapter at the end of each Unit. You’ll find questions on every Learning Objective. The exercises are on perforated tear-out sheets (to help you hand them in), and have room in the margin for hole punches (so you can keep them organized). These convenient classroom assignments provide you with an opportunity to get feedback from your instructor. Your instructor will have the answers!
  • The Additional Work Space Pages at the end of each Unit’s Knowledge Exercises provide additional paper if you need more space to show your work. These perforated pages are easy to detach and hand in with your assignment or keep as a custom set of notes.
  • The Pull-out Glossary provides proper technical definitions not typically found in regular dictionaries. In the text, each Unit glossary term is highlighted bold, blue and underlined, so you know to look in the glossary. Do you want to compile your own technical glossary? Tear these sheets out, hole-punch them, and assemble them in your own way. As you proceed through your studies, refer back to these terms regularly to keep your knowledge and understanding fresh. Later as you are working, they will form the technical basis of your conversations on the job.


The Boiler Maintenance unit from Edition 2.5 has been re-organized into 4 chapters. Renamed to Maintenance, this unit covers Power and Heating Plant maintenance.

In addition to the re-organization and title change, Learning Material content within the unit has been updated.

Pumps and Compressors

The Pumps and Compressors unit is being introduced earlier in comparison to the Edition 2.5 textbooks. Learning material content for Compressors will now include all compressor theory. This change removes basic compression theory from the Refrigeration unit; however specific information relating to Refrigeration will remain in that unit.

The Pumps and Compressors unit can be found as Unit 2 in Part B of the new 4th Class Edition 3 textbook.

Lubrication and Bearings

The Lubrication unit is being introduced earlier in comparison to the Edition 2.5 textbooks. Additional information has been added to incorporate Bearings into this unit.

In an effort to reflect these changes, the unit title has been updated with chapters titles also revised accordingly. The Lubrication and Bearings unit can be found as Unit 1 in Part B of the new 4th Class Edition 3 textbook.

Fundamental Industrial Communication Skills

The Fundamental Industrial Communication Skills unit has several new additions and changes including:

  • Plant Communications will now incorporate Sketching and Administration
  • Sketching will place more emphasis on Line Tracings and Diagram Reading
  • Verbal and Radio Communications will replace the English composition portion

Written communications will include:

  • Proper log book use, entries and legal requirements
  • Email etiquette in an industrial setting
  • Use of standard operating procedure documents
  • Maintenance documents and procedures

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