PanGlobal Training Systems is a leading publisher of energy operations learning materials and a developer of state-of-the-art knowledge platforms that meet the needs of learners and organizations globally.

As a publisher of paper and digital technical learning materials, PanGlobal Training Systems designs certified materials specifically for trades and energy technologies. In a world of constantly changing technical instruction, we create evolving learning solutions to meet the needs of educators and industry training programs.

Learners are no longer defined by the classroom setting and expect much more from educational services. To most effectively serve all learners, our team delivers current and appropriate information to maximize learning and enhance opportunities for success. We support learners in gaining the theoretical knowledge that prepares them for the skills they will gain at the worksite. We bridge the gap between practical and theoretical comprehension of industrial equipment and systems.

PanGlobal’s vision is to meet the needs of the North American market and to supply effective learning materials to an ever-expanding global audience. PanGlobal delivers the right products to meet your industry’s needs today, and in the future.

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