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PanGlobal Training Systems is a leading publisher of paper and web-based technical learning materials designed specifically for trades and energy technologies; all learning materials are validated by third-party regulatory and industry certifying bodies.

PanGlobal is owned by three Canadian polytechnics each whom have been developing and delivering technical learning materials since 1917. Collectively, these colleges have more than 15,000 students graduating from technical programs every year.

In our world of constantly changing technical training, educators must be flexible in how they meet their clients’ needs. Learners are no longer defined as just face-to-face and expect much more from our educational services. Learning delivery must continue to meet the needs of the traditional classrooms and, also satisfy those distance learners in full online and blended environments.

To most effectively serve all learners, educators must deliver current and appropriate information to maximize learning experiences and enhance opportunities for success. The required learning needs involve acquiring both skills and knowledge; a mix often dependent on corporate and regulatory necessities. Skills – most effectively gained at the worksite – paired with required knowledge, are mandatory to bridge the gap between practical and theoretical comprehension of industrial equipment and systems.

PanGlobal’s vision is to meet the needs of both the North American market and to supply effective learning materials to an ever-expanding global audience. PanGlobal delivers the right products to meet your industry’s needs, today, and in the future.




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