This award focuses on outstanding achievement combined from both the Program courses and SOPEEC Exam marks.

Award Value:                    Top Award = 1000 plus IPECC participation (see Description)
Award Period:                  July 1 to June 30 (submission made for completion year only)
Nomination Deadline:      November 15 (following June 30 period end)


The Top Canadian Candidate will receive 1000 from PanGlobal plus expenses to participate in the IPECC meeting held in June of the following year (no substitute). The program that the candidate was registered in will receive a plaque to display for a year in the School, plus a current set of 4th Class materials donated to the library (with the candidate’s name).

The Second place Candidate will receive a Letter of Congratulation plus a 50% voucher for the next set of course material ordered from PanGlobal’s web store.

The Third place (or Honorable Mention) Candidate will receive a Letter of Congratulations and a gift from PanGlobal.

Program Qualification

To be eligible to qualify individuals for this award, a program must be an approved Power Engineering or related program. Graduates must be eligible to write Part A and Part B of the 4th Class Interprovincial SOPEEC Examinations following completion of program and operating time requirements. The educator providing this program, must be approved by the local (provincial/territorial) jurisdiction, to provide education to support the 4th Class and must be classified as a not-for-profit school under Canadian Revenue Agency rules.

Program delivery must be provided either face-to-face or synchronous online methods such as traditional classroom or video conferencing.

Individual Qualification

To be eligible to qualify for this award, candidates must have registered in an approved 4th Class Power Engineering or related program and have completed the following during the period of July 1 to June 30 period:

4th Class Power Engineering program through an approved educational institute, and

Written both Part A and Part B of the 4th Class Interprovincial SOPEEC examinations.


The top 2 candidates of each eligible program may to be submitted by nomination form from each EDUCATOR (School, College, Institution, or Training Provider) to the Awards Panel representative in their Jurisdiction, for nomination by November 15th (same year as Award Period completion).

Information to Be Provided to the Awards Panel by the Educator:

  • Candidate’s name
  • Address, phone number, and email
  • Final Program Marks
  • Certification Marks
  • Jurisdictionally approved FOIP Form (allowing the Awards Panel to receive educator marks, SOPEEC marks, perform calculation of marks and confirm SOPEEC marks with local jurisdiction)

Award Determination

The Awards Panel will average the educator marks with the SOPEEC exam marks for PE4A and PE4B for final determination of the award recipient(s). Scoring will be 35% for Educators marks and 65% for the Standardized SOPEEC exam Marks.

Programs must be “approved” by the Jurisdiction. You can find your jurisdictional member at SOPEEC. Educators and Learners should check to confirm program eligibility.

Award Disbursement

The Awards Panel will calculate the scores and select the award recipients by January 15, in the year following the Award Period completion. PanGlobal will notify the Educational Nominators of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place recipients by the end of January.

PanGlobal will facilitate announcements, delivery of awards, travel arrangements for IPECC (if applicable), and other details in the following months.

All award recipients will be announced at IPECC, and 1st place recipients in attendance will be presented with their cash award during the Awards Banquet in June following each Award Period.

If any recipient is not available to receive a particular award, it may be received on behalf of the recipient by a member of the program or educational institute that the candidate attended for the duration of the program. In the absence of a representative, PanGlobal will make arrangements with the recipient or the recipient’s educational institute for delivery.

PanGlobal reserves the right to make whatever changes circumstances require, including the cancellation of particular award(s).

Personal Information

For candidate(s) receiving an award, pertinent information will be retained by the award donor and may be released to provincial bodies, program offices, and/or published in PanGlobal publications.

Recipients of Cash Awards will be required to complete and submit a Cash Award Information Form to provide Personal information for preparation of the Cheque and for preparation of the T4A Slip.

T4A Slip

This Canada Revenue Agency form is an official document for tax purposes. It shows how much a candidate has received in scholarships, bursaries, awards and grants from January to December of any given year. If you received a scholarship or bursary from PanGlobal, you will be issued a T4A slip.

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