The Education Contribution Award recognizes North American Educators and Industry Professionals for their contributions to the development of quality educational materials and experiences which promote excellence in Power Engineering learners.

This award is managed by the Canada's Institute of Power Engineers and is administered through their National Office.
Award Value:                  $500
Awards Available:           5
Award Period:                January - December
Nomination Deadline:   By March 31st (in following year)


To be considered for this award, nominees must be nominated by their peers for outstanding contributions to the ongoing development of Power Engineering education or materials.


This candidate must be an Educator or Industry professional who has made a significant contribution during the Award Period and adds value to the Power Engineering Education Community through World Class Learning Materials or Instructional Excellence.


Candidate nominations must be submitted to the relevant IPE Representative (in their Jurisdiction) by March 31st.
Information to Be Provided To the National Institute of Power Engineers by the Nominator:

  • Nominator's name
  • Address, phone number, and email
  • A letter of introduction to the individual nominated (Nominee) including their career connection to Power Engineering Education

Award Disbursement

The IPE representatives will validate the award candidates by April 15th each year from all nominations received, and will notify PanGlobal Training Systems of the names of recommended recipient(s). Generally, the Award Recipient(s) will be notified by PanGlobal by April 31st.
Each Award Recipient will be presented with a cheque for the Cash Value, to be presented at IPECC in June following each Award Period.
If an appropriate recipient(s) is not available to receive a particular award, it may be received on behalf of the recipient by a designated individual. In the absence of a representative, PanGlobal will forward the award to the recipient's home address.

Personal Information

Each candidate receiving an award will be requested to provide pertinent information. This information will be retained by the award donor and may be released to provincial bodies, program offices, and/or published in PanGlobal publications.
A Cash Award form may be required to ensure the cheque for the award(s) goes to the right person at the right address, and fulfills the donor(s) requirements.

T4A Slip

This Canada Revenue Agency form is an official document for tax purposes. It shows how much a candidate has received in scholarships, bursaries, awards and grants from January to December of any given year. If you received a scholarship or bursary from PanGlobal, you will be issued a T4A slip.
More information for Candidates and Income Tax can be found online at: Student & Income Tax

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