Perhaps an older product has been removed from our inventory, maybe you want a book with specific topics only, or have an inquiry about products that have been translated to French or Spanish.

We own all the content in our multiple learning materials, and can create prints based on customer specifications! You can provide a written description of what you are looking for, or select all the relevant subject titles from a drop down list of topic areas. This is your compilation, so tell us what you want and we’ll provide an informative and accurate response.

Following are the basic guidelines for PanGlobal Customizations:

  1. Price Quotes are valid for 12 months from the Date of Issue
  2. Initial (new) Quotes must be for a minimum order of 20 units
  3. Re-Orders (within 12 months of the initial Quote) will be priced based on the quantity of subsequent orders as follows:
    1. > 20 Units = Quoted Custom Price
    2. 12 - 20 Units = Quoted Custom Price X 1.25
    3. 5 - 11 Units = Quoted Custom Price X 1.50
    4. < 4 Units = Quoted Custom Price X 2.0

Please complete and submit the Custom Print Quote Request.  We will contact you via email to discuss your customization needs.

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