We enable the use of world class learning materials and tools that promote a knowledgeable workforce in a safe and efficient plant and facility operation


Empowering the World of Regulated Trades and Energy Technology Education


  • We are proactive
  • We design, plan, communicate, and execute with validation
  • We carry out and follow proactive planning and research
  • We communicate with clarity, intention and follow-through
  • We set ambitious goals
  • We are accountable and take ownership
  • We take measured risks to improve the value of our products
  • We assert and promote our expertise
  • We recognize the need to continuously evaluate our products, our performance and our relationships
  • We acknowledge issues, and make corrections in content, operations, processes and communications
  • We approach our business as servants of our stakeholders
  • We listen to, and honour, external and internal concerns
  • We take personal ownership for the excellence of our products, services and relationships
  • We continuously seek innovative ways to improve quality in all we do
  • We strive to deliver exceptional products backed by efficient production and product distribution systems, innovative IT solutions, customer service, marketing and sales programs, and highly supportive administrative policies and procedures
  • We are listening to our stakeholders
  • We are committed to the success of our organization, our people, and those we serve
  • We are committed to the integrity of our promises
  • We act in socially responsible and sustainable ways
  • We actively contribute to dialog, ownership of decisions and actions
  • We empower participation across diverse teams
  • We remove barriers to understanding
  • We collectively achieve solutions
  • We celebrate together
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