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What's New?

COVID-19 Response: PanGlobal Partners in Education

Our team understands the challenges presented by isolation due to the COVID-19 crisis. As partners in education, PanGlobal is working with educators to offer students access to our Learning Management System (LMS) while studying from home. This offer is available to students who are currently registered to a Canadian educational institution.

Each student will need a username and password which can be requested from your program instructors and coordinators. To make use of the login:

  1. Visit our website at
  2. Click on the MyPower tab
  3. Choose MyPower Study
  4. Use the username and password provided by your instructor to login

This login provides access to online eBooks, self-assessments, and other learning resources to help support Third and Fourth Class learning from home and is valid through the end of April 2020.

We are here as partners in education to support your learning and the success of the Power Engineering industry. As our staff are working remotely at this time, please contact us via a support ticket if you have any questions.

Good luck with your studies and we wish you all safe health.

COVID-19 Health & Safety Update

The health and safety of our customers and our team is our highest priority. PanGlobal continues to monitor announcements and follow Alberta Health Services’ protocol diligently. While our team is working remotely, we ask for your patience in replying to online ticket submissions via our SUPPORT tab and returning support calls. At this time, we expect shipments from PanGlobal to continue as usual. However, we advise all customers to allocate additional time to receive orders and check for delay announcements with shipping providers and Canada Post.

Refrigeration Addendum

PanGlobal has added an important addendum on Refrigeration concepts to our eBook platform

This addendum contains new learning objectives and content in refrigeration safety based on the recommendations made by Technical Safety British Columbia (TSBC) in its investigation reports of the October 2017 ammonia leak. The report examines two ammonia leaks, one occurring at the Fernie Memorial Arena in Fernie, BC, which resulted in the deaths of three people, and the other in October 2018 at a pet food manufacturing plant in Langley, BC, which prompted an extensive evacuation of the area. As this information is critical to operator safety, IPECC, SOPEEC, and PanGlobal Training Systems are making it available to learners immediately at no additional cost. In addition, this material will also be published in the forthcoming editions of Power Engineering Fourth Class, Power Engineering Fifth Class, and Refrigeration Plant Operator.

The new content of this addendum emphasizes the testing of secondary refrigeration systems, safe operation of ammonia refrigeration systems, and maintenance of refrigeration equipment. Some content may be familiar from the courses mentioned above, and the TSBC investigations suggest that it is worth repeating if this content will contribute to keeping all Power Engineers and operators safe.

Access the Refrigeration Addendum eBook

Access the Refrigeration Addendum PDF

Upcoming LMS Changes

PanGlobal will be updating its Learning Management Systems (LMS), in an effort to better support learner success and future initiatives!

Our first step is moving all MyPower Study users to the new platform. Starting Monday February 3, 2020, the following learners will be redirected to the new LMS:

  • All learners logging in with a textbook username and password
  • All learners logging in to online resources with an eBook purchase or subscription

The MyPower Learning LMS, used by educators and for corporate training, will be phased out over time. More details will be communicated in the near future.


Logging In

To those logging in with a textbook username and password:

  • Your (new) login details will be the same default ones printed within the front-inside cover of your textbook(s). If you had previously changed the password for your textbook profile, it will be reset to the default username and password found on the front-inside cover of your textbook(s).

To those logging in with a profile linked to an eBook purchase or subscription:

  • Your username remains the same; however, your password has been reset. To access your profile you will need to use the Forgot password? link on the login page. Follow prompts to submit the email address associated with your profile.

Note: Ensure that is added to your email settings (client) as a Trusted Domain and use the directions in the password reset email to access your profile.


In an effort to control transfer errors, users with profiles accessing self-enrolled resources only will not be transferred. This will impact users whose profiles are not accessing the online resources or are only accessing a combination of the following:

  • Answers/Solutions
  • Tools & Resources
  • Updates with Corrections

To gain access of these resources again, please (re)create an account and re-enroll to the required resources.



With the update to the new LMS, previous self-assessment attempts will not be transferred. MyPower Study previously allowed attempt reviews immediately after submitting a self-assessment and this means that learners will now have refreshed self-assessment attempts. Your length of access will remain unchanged, so take advantage of the additional attempts while you have access!



Please submit any questions or support requests to the Login Inquiries department through our Support Ticket system.

Reminder about PanGlobal Login Credential Access

PanGlobal’s Power Engineering textbooks contain time-sensitive login credentials (unique User Name & Password printed on the front inside cover of the first book) which provide access to additional online resources and self-assessments. These credentials allow initial access to our Learning Management Systems within 3 years of the textbook print date.

After activation, the textbook’s online access time frames vary depending on the product and begin after the initial log in.  This 3-year initial activation access restriction is in place to ensure that the online resources accurately support the textbook content. Bookstores and resellers are reminded not to carry over inventory that exceeds this access time.

If you have additional questions about login credentials and access time, please view our Knowledgebase Article on the subject, or submit a ticket and your personal inquiry will be addressed.

24 month extension for current PG Stick users!

PanGlobal is excited to announce a new 24-month extension for current PG Stick users!


If you were an early adopter and purchased a PG Stick in either 2017 or 2018, you are eligible for this 24 Month Extension Offer following the expiry of the PG Stick (USB).

PG Sticks subscription purchases are for 18 months; however, PG Sticks ordered in 2017 or 2018 may purchase this extension to their existing PG Stick for an additional 6 months (a total of 24 months) from the date of expiry.


To receive this PG Stick extension

  1.  Please complete and submit the form using the link below.
    • Only forms which have been fully completed and submitted online (using the web form Submit button) will be accepted and processed
  2. You will receive a detailed response within 2 business days after we receive your completed form.
  3. A Purchase Order will be required for all Extension Requests
  4. Instructions will be provided directly to eligible PG Stick users for access.


PG Stick Extension Request:


Important Note: If this information does not apply to you, please pass this information along to your Power Engineering Program Coordinator.

Shipping Cost Update

Due to rising shipping costs and in an effort to ensure deliveries to our customers are received in a secure and timely manner, PanGlobal is updating its Flat Rate Shipping Fee (effective 1 January 2019) for all orders placed online or by phone: 

  • Within Canada  -  20 dollars
  • Within the USA  - 40 dollars


Note: School, Bookstore or Business Orders (with approved credit accounts) will be required to provide their organization's Courier Account Information prior to shipping, or actual shipping costs will be charged on the Customer Invoice.

To ensure secure & timely delivery, all shipments will require a signature upon receipt.

Update: 4th Class (Edition 2.5) Availability

4th Class (Edition 2.5) Textbooks

In order to meet SOPEEC's transition to the revised 4th Class syllabus, PanGlobal has discontinued sales of the 4th Class (Edition 2.5) textbooks (effective July 9th, 2018). All printed textbook sales of the Fourth Class materials are now of Edition 3, which meets SOPEEC's revised syllabus.


4th Class (Edition 2.5) eBooks

To support current students of the 4th Class (Edition 2.5) materials, PanGlobal will continue to offer sales of the 4th Class (Edition 2.5) eBooks until December 2019. Purchase options may be viewed through our eBook store.

November News from PanGlobal!


Part B of Power Engineering Fourth Class Textbook - Edition 3 is near completion, with a focus on maintaining the quality that our customers experience with Part A of this set.

To honour the November delivery commitment of Part B Textbooks for our online customers, we have decided to print & ship in two separate partsUnits 1-8 + Unit 12 will be shipped during the last week of November, with the final Units 9, 10 & 11 (Refrigeration & HVAC) to be delivered early in December. Orders will be shipped to the same address used for Part A, so please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. immediately if there are any address updates prior to receiving Part B.

NOTE: eBooks for Edition 3 Part B Units are available for purchase or subscription at The complete eBook Set will be available by late November.

Educator & Bookstore Orders will be shipped when Part B sets are completed in early December 2017.



We occasionally receive calls or emails inquiring about customizing the content found in PanGlobal materials, so we decided to provide online information and an electronic inquiry for potential or existing customers who are considering unique compilations or topic based creations.

Check out the Custom Print button found under Canadian Products or USA/International Products in our bookstore at Click for details, pricing structure and Request Form.


Thank you to our current and new customers for your continued support and patience during the creation and production of the updated and enhanced Power Engineering Fourth Class (Ed 3) Materials. All of us at PanGlobal are truly passionate about the expanded & updated resources, and genuinely hope you are pleased with the final results.

Shipping Updates and Textbook Incentives


Power Engineering Fourth Class Textbook - Part A is currently in the process of being shipped to customers. This exciting new edition includes 12 unit-level books PLUS a complimentary copy of Preparatory Math Topics. Part B will be available for purchase October 23, 2017, for shipping in early November 2017.

Although the Fourth Class – Edition 3 Textbook Set (Part A & B) is available to order now, there will be two separate deliveries of printed materials. Part A will be shipped once the order is processed, however, Part B will be shipped separately to the same address in early November 2017Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if there are any address changes prior to receiving Part B.

All orders submitted for the Power Engineering Fourth Class – Edition 3 textbooks will be shipped in the order received.

Note: Part A eBooks are already available for purchase or subscription at our eBook store ( Part B eBooks are expected to be available in October 2017.



To support our customers heading into the new school year, individuals who place an order for the “Fourth Class – Edition 3” print textbooks will receive free access to Part A eBooks for 15 days while waiting for textbook delivery. This offer applies only to orders placed through our online bookstore from August 28th to September 15th, 2017.

Online purchases are processed on weekdays, so please allow up to one additional business day to receive eBook access details via the same email used for the order.



The new Fourth Class – Edition 3 textbooks have been developed to reinforce a unit-based learning approach. Self-Assessments for learners will now be available in Unit and Comprehensive (Part A and Part B) formats to provide effective support. Additionally, the number of attempts available has been increased from 3 attempts to a total of 5 attempts per self-assessment!

August Updates


Part A is completed and is currently in the printing, binding and packaging process. Although a bit later than we had hoped, this exciting new edition includes 12 unit-level booklets PLUS a complimentary copy of Preparatory Math Topics and will be shipped during the week of August 14 - 18, 2017. Shipments will be processed in the same order they were received.

Note: Part A eBooks are already available for purchase or subscription at our eBook store (



Due to the release of the Power Engineering Fourth Class Textbook - Edition 3, please note that our Subject Matter Experts are currently reviewing the current Online Question Banks for accuracy and alignment, resulting in a slight delay on the availability of all resources. Any users affected will receive extended access to allow a full term.



Check out our website at for the College Program Textbook Options link to assist students with recommended products to purchase for each level of education.

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