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Shipping Rate Increase

Please note that our shipping rates are increasing on February 28, 2023.

Over the past year, global pressures and inflation have increased shipping costs and impacted PanGlobal's cost to fulfil customer orders.

Our variable rate shipping considers the weight and destination of customer orders, striking a balance between cost and timely delivery. This increase helps us ensure our commitment to providing you with the very best products and services.

Thank you for your support and continued business!

PG Focus – New Features

In October of 2022, PanGlobal released an all-new exam preparation tool called PG Focus. This tool includes practice questions with analytics, unlimited attempts, and correct answers upon review. We have recently added the following new features:

  • Exam mode: Take a timed practice exam for your desired certification class
  • Demo quiz: Try before you buy!

Check out our PG Focus Guide for answers to frequently asked questions and sign up today to try it for free!

Once you have created your account, log in to find the PG Focus Demo on your Dashboard:

PG Focus Menu Demo


We thank our customers for your valuable insight, and we welcome any feedback regarding all of our products. We strive to offer the best possible products to support you in achieving the best possible results!

New Access to MyPower

New Access to MyPower

We recently announced that we are moving away from usernames and passwords to single access codes to simplify the MyPower login process. The following materials now include a sticker with a single access code located on the inside of the front cover:

1. Boiler Operator (Fireman) Handbook Set.
2. Fireman Boiler Operator Handbook for Saskatchewan Set Ed. 1
3. Refrigeration Plant Operator- Book 1 [Ed. 4]
4. Refrigeration Plant Operator- Book 2 [Ed. 4]
5. Refrigeration Plant Operator- Book 3 [Ed. 4]
6. Refrigeration Plant Operator- Book 4 [Ed. 4]
7. Third Class Part A Textbook Set [ed. 3]
8. Third Class Part B Textbook Set [ed. 3]

Multiple quantity purchases of the same products are no longer issued access cards. 


  1. Navigate to https://mypower.panglobal.org/pshop/
  2. Create an account or log in
  3. Navigate to My Books
  4. Enter your access code into the Enter Access Code Field, located at the top-right on the page
  5. Once the access code is redeemed, select the product listed on the left side of the page
  6. Click Online Resources to access the online resources for your textbook

CIRKA – No Longer Available for Purchase

CIRKA – No Longer Available for Purchase

As of October 20, 2022, CIRKA will no longer be available for purchase as we migrate to PG Focus.

 –PanGlobal created Focus as a replacement for CIRKA in order to improve the user experience and help learners achieve better results.

What does this mean for existing CIRKA subscribers?

–As long as your CIRKA subscription is active, you will have access to your CIRKA account.

What you get with PG Focus:

  • Access to practice questions with analytics
  • Focus will allow users to see the questions from the assessment and which ones they got correct/incorrect
  • Subscribers can easily identify the units or chapters that they are not doing well on
  • Pricing starting from $35 per week


New PanGlobal Customer Service Email

New PanGlobal Customer Service Email

Our PanGlobal Customer Service email has changed! Please update our email in your contact list and submit all email inquiries and purchase orders to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ensure processing.

First Class Edition 2.0 – Objective Changes

In new printings of PanGlobal's Power Engineering First Class Edition 2.0, Learning Objectives 9 and 10 from Part A1, Chapter 1: Rankine and Brayton Cycles will become Objectives 7 and 8 in Part A4, Chapter 2: Plant and Equipment Efficiencies.

All Part A1 and Part A4 eBooks will automatically update.

These objectives are now located in Power Engineering First Class, Part A4, Chapter 2: Plant and Equipment Efficiencies:

  • Objective 7: Describe the design, layout, and advantages of a gas turbine/steam turbine combined cycle plant.
  • Objective 8: Explain the total energy concept as it applies to a power plant.

This change was made to better align our books with the SOPEEC exam curriculum and will contribute to a more consistent learning experience and better examination results.

New Release – Refrigeration Plant Operator Edition 4

We are excited to announce the release of Refrigeration Plant Operator Edition 4!

The content of Refrigeration Plant Operator (RPO) Edition 4 follows the syllabus structure to prepare learners to challenge the SOPEEC Interprovincial Refrigeration Operator Certificate of Competency. This syllabus is shared with the Ontario Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) Refrigeration Operator Class B Operating Engineer Certification.

Edition 4 comprises the following four books, sold individually:

  • Book 1: Refrigeration Plant Basics  (192 pages)
  • Book 2: Applied Concepts of Refrigeration (322 pages)
  • Book 3: Refrigeration Plant Support Systems (388 pages)
  • Book 4: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (222 pages)

No new chapters have been added to the new edition; however, the chapters from the previous edition have been re-arranged into individual books. The advantage of this model is that it highlights the key topics captured in each book. This model helps track the progression of content and helps the learner build a better understanding of the material. The chapters in these books include self-tests, where appropriate, that are designed to test your understanding. The end of each chapter contains a set of questions for you to work through. These books also provide mathematical examples with fully worked out solutions to help you understand the concepts.

New Release – Thermodynamics Problem Solving Volume 1, Edition 1

New Release – Thermodynamics Problem Solving Volume 1, Edition 1

We are excited to announce the release of Thermodynamics Problem Solving Volume 1, Edition 1!

Thermodynamics Problem Solving Volume 1 is designed for individuals preparing to write the Fourth Class Part A exam or the Third Class A1 exam. Over 300 worked examples and problems are an enhancement to the PanGlobal thermodynamics sections for Fourth Class and Third Class. This volume will also assist those preparing to write the Second Class and First Class thermodynamics exams who require a review of earlier thermodynamics.

New Release – Third Class Edition 3

We are excited to announce the release of Third Class Edition 3!

After receiving feedback on the previous edition and assessing the current IPECC and SOPEEC approved curriculum, we have revised the Third Class content to deliver a superior learning experience.

Features and Upgrades

  • Over 30 new learning objectives aligned with 2021 IPECC Curriculum updates
  • Chapter introductions and summaries
  • New end-of-chapter, workbook, and LMS questions for each new learning objective
  • New and updated images, including colour photos and drawings
  • New case studies
  • Numerical answers to self-test and chapter questions at the end of each chapter
  • Long-form answers and worked solutions online
  • A new terminology feature to explain industry terms and jargon
  • New MyPower login information
  • Back-of-book glossaries in all four books


Third Class Edition 2.5 and Edition 3 are the only single source of learning materials approved to meet the syllabus and curriculum standards required to successfully prepare for the Third Class Power Engineer Certificate of Competency examinations.

NIULPE’s New Website is now Live!


PanGlobal is excited to announce that our project to redesign the website for the National Institute for the Uniform Licensing of Power Engineers, Inc. (NIULPE) is complete, and the website is now live! NIULPE is a national certifying organization in the United States and is an integral part of PanGlobal’s entrance into U.S. markets.

Visitors to NIULPE’s site are greeted with a landing page that features quick navigation icons to NIULPE’s examination services and certification processes. The NIULPE eCommerce store features customized PanGlobal textbooks and eBooks that meet NIULPE’s certification requirements and target specific customer groups. The eCommerce store is also integrated directly with PanGlobal’s inventory management system to cut down on administrative work and allow for quick product delivery to customers.

This project was completed with consideration to support NIULPE’s unique selling proposition as the leading Power Engineering certification body in the United States. As NIULPE is our partner for certification in the United States, increasing NIULPE's exposure and market share also fuels PanGlobal’s growth in the U.S.

This collaboration was an exciting project for PanGlobal, and we anticipate future successes with NIULPE as we continue to partner in education.


New Partnership with Hong Kong Great Wanda


PanGlobal Training Systems Ltd. has long been engaged in the design, development, and delivery of world-class learning resources for the regulated trades and energy technology education sector.
We are proud to announce our partnership with Hong Kong Great Wanda Company Ltd. (HGWC) to serve as our associate in Asia. HGWC continues to provide fully accessible, technically and industrially relevant training experience that meets the contemporary needs of the workforce in that region. 
With a shared vision to empower the regulated trades and energy technology education sector, HGWC (in collaboration with PanGlobal) strives to make a wider and more significant impact on the Asian marketplace by delivering an effective, internationally qualified energy sector program. This program provides widely recognized world-class certification.

New Release – Preparatory Math Topics for Power Engineering Edition 2

We are excited to announce the release of Preparatory Math Topics for Power Engineering Edition 2!

This updated edition builds on the success of the previous edition of Preparatory Math Topics for Power Engineering and includes math objectives at the Third Class level.

Features and Upgrades

  • Addition of Third Class math objectives
  • Clarification of concepts
  • Calculation corrections
  • Knowledge exercises
  • Self-test solutions at the back of the book

Edition 2 will be available for purchase starting April 11, 2022 as a print textbook or eBook through the PGKnowledge eStore.

Introducing Same-Day Curbside Pickup

We have received various requests and feedback from customers stating that a pickup option would be helpful in both saving time and shipping cost. We are excited to announce that curbside pickup is now available!

Starting September 1st all regional customers within driving distance of our Calgary office can now pick up their online order in person. Our same-day curbside pickup is available on orders received before 12:00 p.m.

Important Information

Same-day pickup is only available on business days from 1 p.m.-3 p.m. for orders received before 12 p.m. Orders will be held for 2 business days, after which our team will attempt to contact you to arrange alternate delivery before refunding the order.

Order Process

  1. Browse PanGlobal’s online store and add your desired products to the cart. When finished, select the cart to checkout. 
  2. Complete the checkout process as prompted. If an individual other than the purchaser will pick up the order, ensure their name is included in the Mailing Address.
  3. Our team will send you an email to confirm we have received the order and provide instructions for pickup.

Pickup Process

Our address: #11, 1339 - 40 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 8N6

Please bring your order payment receipt (emailed upon completing your online purchase) and a piece of government-issued ID.

  1. Park in one of the parking spaces located outside our offices
  2. Call our toll-free number: 1-866-256-8193 option 1. Our staff will collect your order number and verify your payment receipt.
  3. Wait in your car for our staff to bring out your order.
  4. Double-check your order contents to make sure everything is correct.
  5. Sign the pickup confirmation.

What to do if the parking area is full

If there are no stalls available in the designated parking area, park in the nearest available stall.

What to do if you don't have a car

If you don't have a car available, no worries! We can still help you at the storefront as long as you have your order payment receipt and a piece of government-issued ID.

Unable to pick up your order?

If you are unable to pick up your order as scheduled, please advise customer service by calling our toll-free number, 1-866-256-8193 option 1.

If you have not picked up your order by the end of the second business day following your online order, the following options are available:

  • Cancel your order and receive a refund, minus the cancellation fee (as per our return/cancellation policy)
  • Have your order shipped to you (additional charges will apply)

New Boiler Operator (Fireman) Products

PanGlobal is discontinuing the Limited Power Engineer (Fireman) Handbook and publishing two new products in its place.

The first of these products, the Fireman Boiler Operator Handbook for Saskatchewan , presents learners with the knowledge concepts set out by the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan. This handbook has been revised to reference current legislative and regulatory terminology in the province of Saskatchewan, notably removing reference to Limited Power Engineer as the revised regulations removed that category of certification.

The Boiler Operator (Fireman) Handbook presents the same concepts applicable for Boiler Operators and may be used as a general technical manual as Saskatchewan-specific legislation has been removed. PanGlobal anticipates that the material within the Boiler Operator (Fireman) Handbook will support Boiler Operator's in other jurisdictions where, previously, such material may have been absent.

Both products will be available for purchase in print format starting 2 July 2021. eBook versions will be available for sale the week of 5 July 2021.


Fireman Boiler Operator for Saskatchewan (Ed. 1)

The Fireman Boiler Operator Handbook for Saskatchewan comprises the subject matter outlined under TSASK’s Fireman Boiler Operator certificate and will familiarize individuals with the knowledge and concepts required. This set includes two volumes focused on the technical knowledge required for a Boiler Operator (Fireman) along with industrial legislation specific to the province of Saskatchewan.

Topics covered include:

  • Industrial Legislation for Fireman Boiler Operators
  • Safety
  • Introduction to Thermodynamics
  • Introduction to Boilers, Steam Heating, and Hot Water Heating
  • Boiler Operations
  • Water Treatment
  • Plant Equipment
  • Electric Controls
  • Building Services
Note: This product has been developed to meet the requirements set out by the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan (TSASK) for Fireman Boiler Operator certification. For jurisdictions outside of Saskatchewan, please refer to the Boiler Operator (Fireman) Handbook.


Boiler Operator (Fireman) Handbook (Ed. 1)

The Boiler Operator (Fireman) Handbook comprises subject matter essential to Boiler Operators and will familiarize individuals with the related knowledge and concepts. This set includes two volumes focused on the technical knowledge required for a Boiler Operator (Fireman).

Topics covered include:

  • Safety
  • Introduction to Thermodynamics
  • Introduction to Boilers, Steam Heating, and Hot Water Heating
  • Boiler Operations
  • Water Treatment
  • Plant Equipment
  • Electric Controls
  • Building Services
Note: This product has been created as a general technical manual and may not meet the certification requirements in your jurisdiction. Check certification requirements for your jurisdiction through your local safety authority. For individuals certifying as a Fireman Boiler Operator in the province of Saskatchewan, please refer to the Fireman Boiler Operator Handbook for Saskatchewan.

PanGlobal announces Fourth Class Part B Edition 3.5

PanGlobal is excited to announce Fourth Class Part B Edition 3.5

Changes include a new chapter in Unit 9 addressing Refrigeration concepts in response to Technical Safety British Columbia’s investigation into two BC incidents (Fernie and Langley). 

The new content of this addendum emphasizes the testing of:

  • Secondary refrigeration systems
  • Safe operation of ammonia refrigeration systems, and
  • Maintenance of refrigeration equipment

Fourth Class Part B Edition 3.5 also features the following:

  • 12 individual Part B Units sold as a set
  • Updates to images
  • Inclusion of errata and corrections
  • References to the PanGlobal CSA Extract have been removed



Note: To support the ongoing safety of the Power Engineering and Refrigeration industries, PanGlobal continues to make the addendum on refrigeration available to all learners at no extra cost. This content is accessible using the link below:

Access the Refrigeration Addendum eBook

View-only access. Take it offline using the PGKnowledge app!


Important Note: The following sets are the only single source set of learning materials approved by both IPECC & SOPEEC to meet the Syllabus & Curriculum standards required to successfully prepare for the 4th Class National Certification Examinations:

  • Fourth Class Part A (Ed. 3.5)
  • Fourth Class Part B (Ed. 3.5)
  • Fourth Class Part A (Ed. 3)
  • Fourth Class Part B (Ed. 3)

Announcing the PanGlobal Corrections Contest Winner

Congratulations to Adam Anton!

We are pleased to announce Adam Anton as the winner of PanGlobal’s Corrections Contest. This contest, which ran for over six months, saw learners and instructors alike submitting corrections of PanGlobal’s learning products. Over the course of the contest, 80 submissions were received by our Subject Matter Experts, reviewed and compared to our current materials, and corrected where necessary.

Adam submitted ten (10) corrections which were reviewed and incorporated into PanGlobal's learning materials. As the contest winner, Adam has been awarded with a full set of Second Class (Ed 2.5) learning materials. When notified of his selection, Adam had the following to say:

"I am so pleased to have actually won a set of books from PanGlobal. It comes at a great time during a pandemic where just about the only thing there is to do is study! I have used the CIRKA content for all of my exams and some 2nd class exams, and would (and definitely have) recommended them to friends and workers. CIRKA won’t show you the answers which is good, because it enforces the learner to actually look in the books and find the correct answer. I would definitely recommend the CIRKA content for anyone pursuing any class of exams."

We thank everyone who participated in the contest for their submitted corrections, as the results further strengthen our accurate and precise materials. All corrections found on an ongoing basis are made available in MyPower under Corrections and Updates and are published in future print runs of our learning materials.

First Class Edition 2 is Here!

PanGlobal is proud to announce our newest product, the revised and updated First Class Edition 2. After receiving feedback on the previous edition and assessing the current syllabus, we have revised the First Class learning content to deliver a superior learning experience.

This edition addresses all eight sections of the Revised First Class Syllabus - 2012 (A1, A2, A3, A4, B1, B2, B3, and B4), and newly added features and capabilities. Look out for the following updates in this new edition:

  • Updated template
  • New and full colour images
  • Updates to the Codes, Thermodynamics and Applied Mechanics sections
  • The ability to purchase individual volumes
  • Additional features for eBooks (sold separately from the textbooks)

Our new edition will be available for purchase starting April 1, 2021 through our bookstore and eBook store.

First Class Edition 2 Arriving Soon

PanGlobal is proud to announce that our First Class textbooks have been receiving updates and will be released as Edition 2 in March 2021. These updates include:

  • Updates to colour images
  • Updates to code references
  • Revision of sections relating to Thermodynamics and Applied Mechanics

Additionally, each volume of First Class (ed. 2) will be available for individual purchase. Those studying First Class will now be able to purchase each of the eight-volumes as their studies progress or as a full set to receive a discounted price.

eBooks for First Class (ed. 2) will continue to be available for purchase or subscription on a per-volume or set basis. The eBooks for Edition 2 will now support many of the eBook features our other class materials provide.

Both Edition 1.1 and the upcoming Edition 2 support the First Class 2012 syllabus established by SOPEEC and fulfill the learning outcomes and objectives set by IPECC.

As a part of the lead-up to Edition 2’s release, we are massively discounting Edition 1.1. Save up to 50% on your preparation for First Class certification by picking up a set today!

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