eBook Text-to-Speech Support

Text-to-Speech Support

PanGlobal's Fourth Class (Edition 3) eBooks now have a built-in Text-to-Speech (TTS) reader! The TTS feature may be enabled for an automated read-back of the online eBook content through your web browser.


Playlist Menu

The Playlist Menu allows users to specify from where the TTS reader should begin reading. Need to start at Objective 2, or maybe only the Chapter Conclusion? You choose where playback begins.


Variable Speed

Users may set the Rate at which content is read-back through the TTS reader. Useful for skimming over the content, or focusing in on particularly tricky concepts.


Voice Choice

The TTS reader supports your choice of read-back voice. Choose from Microsoft David for a male voice, or Microsoft Zira for a female voice.

The Text-to-Speech feature is now live for all purchasers and subscribers of the Fourth Class (Edition 3) eBooks. If you purchased access to these eBooks previously, your eBooks have been updated to support the TTS feature.


For Instructions on using the Text-to-Speech reader, click here.

Written by : sdickin

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