CIRKA Cycle Beta

Hi Students,

Be a part of our test group for CIRKA Cycle Beta and receive three free months of access!

CIRKA Cycle is PanGlobal’s new premium study and test prep platform and our team would love your feedback before its official launch. Every purchase of a Fourth Class textbook set (print) made between November 30, 2020 and March 31,2021 will include CIRKA Cycle Beta trial access.

The trial period will last for three months giving you ample time to test the effectiveness of CIRKA Cycle Beta as you study in real time. We recommend you use the study tools including unit quizzes and performance tracking reports to test and track your knowledge over time as you work through your course. At the end of the trial period, we will ask for you to complete a feedback survey which will entitle you to an additional month of access once successfully completed and submitted. This survey provides valuable feedback and will allow our team to implement changes before the official launch of CIRKA Cycle Beta.

If you are familiar with or have previously used CIRKA, you may wonder what the difference between CIRKA Cycle Beta and CIRKA is?

CIRKA Cycle is our premium study support tool which features:

  • Unlimited attempts to assessment questions
  • The ability to review attempts
  • Feedback in the form of correct and incorrect answer
  • Long-term results tracking, allowing users to identify areas to focus studying

Note: This Beta will allow our team to improve the app based on your feedback and we are looking forward to your survey results!

The original 7- and 30-day CIRKA subscriptions remain available as an effective pre-examination review tool.

Written by : sdickin

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