Content Inventory, Review, and Knowledge Audit - Coming January 22!


What Should I Know? How Much Do I Remember?

Do I Really Understand? Am I Ready?


The CIRKA tool assists Individual Learners and Educators in using PanGlobal’s Learning Material Resources to help answer these questions.


Customers tell us they want more choices – whether to clarify understanding of what was discussed in the classroom, to explore concepts introduced while reading a textbook chapter, to refresh the memory for an exam, or for preparation prior to moving to the next level in a career.


PanGlobal Training Systems introduces CIRKA, an automated Knowledge Self-Evaluation that allows the user to personalize and control the length and complexity of a topic based review.

Drawing from updated question banks, aligned with PanGlobal’s Fourth Class Edition 3 learning materials, CIRKA will deliver an equal number of questions from each Topic Unit. After completion and submission of the Audit, a numerical overview of submission vs. complete success is provided immediately on both an Overall and Individual Topic Unit basis. Attempts are unlimited during the tool subscription period and can be repeated multiple times to clarify the results.

CIRKA also provides links to an Introduction, Rationale, and detailed Overview (Outcomes & Objectives) of the information within each Topic Unit. When compared with the results of the Audit, this provides the learner with a comparison of their current understanding and the expectations of mastery. If this assessment points to the need for additional learning, the user may choose to review their current materials or purchase access to additional resources.

Two subscription options are available at under the product category of “CIRKA”:

Option 1: 30 day subscription (unlimited attempts) $30

Option 2: 7 day subscription (unlimited attempts) $15