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Objective Changes

First Class [Ed. 2] – Objective Changes

In new printings of PanGlobal's Power Engineering First Class Edition 2.0, Learning Objectives 9 and 10 from Part A1, Chapter 1: Rankine and Brayton Cycles will become Objectives 7 and 8 in Part A4, Chapter 2: Plant and Equipment Efficiencies.

All Part A1 and Part A4 eBooks will automatically update. These objectives are now located in Power Engineering First Class, Part A4, Chapter 2: Plant and Equipment Efficiencies: • Objective 7: Describe the design, layout, and advantages of a gas turbine/steam turbine combined cycle plant. • Objective 8: Explain the total energy concept as it applies to a power plant. This change was made to better align our books with the SOPEEC exam curriculum and will contribute to a more consistent learning experience and better examination results.


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