James A.

I recently had the opportunity to explore the PG Focus platform, and I must say it proved to be an excellent tool for combining the enjoyment of reviewing with effective learning. Navigating the platform is a breeze, and I particularly appreciate the inclusion of two distinct modes: practice and exam.

The practice mode, in particular, captured my interest as it provides valuable feedback on specific chapters where improvement is needed—a feature that is absent in the exam mode. While the exam mode offers a challenging experience, it would be beneficial if they could incorporate statistics or feedback to enhance the overall learning experience.

In conclusion, my encounter with PG Focus was both enjoyable and enlightening. The platform's user-friendly interface, coupled with the dual review modes, made for a seamless and enriching learning journey. I look forward to potential enhancements, such as the inclusion of statistics in the exam mode, which would undoubtedly elevate the overall educational experience provided by PG Focus.

Keaten V.

PanGlobal has been a real asset during my time in school. The textbooks were easy to read, presenting important and relevant information in a way that made studying for exams way more manageable. Becoming a power engineer would have been way more difficult without them, and the PG Focus practice tests were a great way to prepare me for the ABSA exams.

Kevin T.

I can't express enough how much PG Focus has transformed my learning experience while preparing to write my 4th Class Ticket. The interface is not only user-friendly but also incredibly intuitive.

What sets this training program apart is its diverse range of content. You can subscribe to whichever level you are currently studying for examination. You can also select whatever chapters you want to review and the number of questions. The best feature I believe is the mock final exam that is timed. It makes it feel like what the actual 4th Class Power Engineering exam would be like in person.

I think just reading the PanGlobal material is not enough to prepare for the exam because you don’t really know what topics you are weak on. I also really like the graphical presentation of the questions you got right and wrong in each chapter. This really helped me narrow down the focus on which areas to study. Also, the flexibility to study anytime and anywhere makes using the PG Focus very convenient.

If you're looking to take the 4th Class Power Engineering Exam I would highly recommend using PG Focus to help bring your studying up a level. It makes the path to the exams that much easier and efficient.

Blayne F.

PG Focus was great for the preparation of my exam. They have lots of options for practice tests with a wide variety of questions and the ability to go through the exams after to see what you got wrong and tell you the correct answer. If you are looking for practice exams this is the place to go.

Sajjad K.

One year of experience in teaching PanGlobal units and chapters to process technicians, the material is well organised and easily understandable. And can be use as reference material while working in oil/gas/power industry.